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What You Need To Know About Starting A Yoga Class

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Exercising has a lot of benefits. This includes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Attending a yoga class offers a more holistic approach to exercise than other traditional approaches. Here is what you can expect when you start attending sessions.

What to bring to a yoga class

You will need to bring a mat, which you will use during the session. If you are just starting your yoga class and you have not yet bought a mat, the best thing would be to call ahead and ask the instructor or studio if they have some extra mats that you can borrow before you can get around to buying your own. Before making a purchase, you can do some research or ask your instructor what the most suitable type of mat is. This is so that you can buy the right kind, considering that the mats come in different sizes, materials, lengths, colors and thickness.

You can also carry some drinking water when going for a yoga class and a towel to use if you get extra sweaty. Most studios will provide you with props that you may use during sessions, such as belts, blocks and blankets.

What to wear to a yoga class

The type of clothes you wear largely depends on the type of sessions that you are going for. Different
classes have different environments and different exercises to be carried out. For instance, if you are going for a Bikram session or a Power yoga class, you will typically sweat a lot due to the hot environment, so it would be appropriate to put on clothes that will wick away the sweat.
Your outfit also depends on the gender. For men, it is quite alright to wear baggy fitting t-shirts, while on the other hand, tight fitting tops will be more appropriate for women. This is because when carrying out some of the poses while in session, your top might come over your heady if it is too loose, leaving your torso exposed. Some women might find this uncomfortable and will spend the rest of the session trying to pose while pulling down their clothes all the time. This can be quite distracting.

When to arrive for your yoga class

Try and arrive a few minutes before the session is meant to start. This will give you ample time to get ready for the session. It will also give you the advantage of choosing a spot that you are comfortable with. This can be quite important if you are attending a popular or large session, where there will be many participants.

What to do when you arrive for your yoga class

Once you arrive for the yoga class, make sure to sign in. Also, you will most likely be expected to take off your socks and shoes before you walk into the room where the session will be held. Either ask or just check to see where other participants are leaving their shoes and follow suit. This might be in a cubicle or somewhere inside the room. It's also a good idea to switch off your phone.

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